Need Connectivity?
It's easier than you may think
to network enable your new design - whether it's
mining equipment, medical instrumentation, or a toaster. From PICs to Palms to PCs,
we can help your systems talk. 

Wired or Wireless?
Seems like everything's going wireless these days. Its cool and it's trendy, and we can do it
for you. But does it always
make sense?

  • Research and Engineering Services - integration of electronic, software, optical, and mechanical expertise to help your company achieve its objectives. Industrial automation and networking. Medical and biotech instrumentation.

  • Value-Added Manufacturing - prototype through production manufacturing. SMD and through-hole electronic assembly. Mechanical and optical assembly. Integration, calibration, testing, conformal coating, potting, and packaging.

  • Product Development Services - researching and developing new product designs, specializing in sensors and embedded systems. Updating designs of existing products. Design and fabrication of manufacturing & test fixtures. 


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