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Value-Added Contract Manufacturing


Let Catalina Technologies help turn your problems into solutions!

  • Catalina Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of technical services, working on a consulting or contract basis. 

  • We function as a technical partner and team member with other companies to help facilitate innovative and cost-effective solutions. 

  • Catalina Technologies offers fabrication services from prototype construction through scheduled volume manufacturing.

Research and Engineering:

  • Innovative electronic, electro-optical, and electro-mechanical design and development.

  • Integrated hardware and software solutions for cost-effective product design and fabrication.

  • Embedded microcontroller systems, specializing in mixed-signal systems (analog + digital) utilizing a variety of sensor and display technologies.

  • Data acquisition and control systems for the laboratory, factory, and field.

  • Modernization of existing products to add capability and reduce cost.

  • Modernization of production-line equipment and procedures to improve quality and reduce cost.

  • Waterproof sensors and electronics; micropower battery-operated designs.

  • Optics, spectrophotometry, multispectral imaging, and machine vision.

  • Palm OS-based programming for data acquisition and control.

Value-Added Manufacturing:

  • High-reliability PCB manufacturing: SMT reflow and through-hole components.

  • Assembly of cables, electro-optical, and electromechanical components.

  • Conformal coating and potting for protection against harsh-environments.

  • Systems integration, burn-in, calibration, and testing.

  • Turnkey or consignment: your choice.

  • Low-volume prototype runs through scheduled volume production.

New-Product Development:

  • New product development and prototyping for commercial and industrial applications.

  • Electronic, electro-optical, and electromechanical products.

  • Professional prototype construction, including packaging and graphic design. 

  • Testing and analysis of prototype performance.

Examples of Recent Projects:

  • Testing, trouble-shooting, and redesigning complex medical laboratory instrumentation to improve performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

  • Designing, prototyping, and manufacturing a rugged, networked smart-sensor system for the mining industry. 

  • Modernization of production-line procedures and fixtures for improved quality and economy. 

  • Custom sensor assemblies to improve performance, simplify manufacturing, and reduce cost.

  • Design and prototype construction of handheld electronic products with graphical LCD displays. 

  • Prototype design and construction of new diagnostic devices for Parkinson's syndrome.

  • High-efficiency ultraviolet light source for industrial applications.

  • Technical consulting related to patent applications.

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